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What Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day!

The day is fast approaching, where mothers everywhere will be flooded with kisses, flowers, breakfast in bed or brunch out. This week I have seen so many blog posts and Vlogs about what to do to celebrate these amazing women, and I thought I would add my opinion to the mix.

While I understand the small audience I have as readers is made up of mostly mothers themselves, this may be a post shot into darkness. ? Although if by some chance this lands in front of the eyes of some husbands or children looking for ideas, I have the key to the best Mother’s Day!

Okay, so maybe it isn’t that easy! I’ve seen many blogs on ideas or lists of activities or gifts to get your loving mother. Some saying they want a day without motherly duties, some wanting a day she can spend entirely with her children, others a day with out any children… but what she really wants is for you to read the situation and consider her personality.

Every situation is different. Husbands, if your kids are 3-6 years of age, your wife probably doesn’t want them making her breakfast in bed, burning toast and leaving the kitchen a disaster for her to clean later. On another note, if you are now a grown adult who doesn’t see your mother often, don’t just send her flowers. She would probably love a good brunch at her favorite restaurant, spending time with her children.

And thankfully every mother is different.  Where some crave to spend the entire day with their children, others would give anything for a day to themselves.  Is your mom the type to want handcrafted gifts, or would she get more out of a day at the spa?

And mothers, if you are asked, don’t feel guilty for wanting a break from the kids, if that is what you really want. You are a superhero every day of the year and you deserve a diaper free and/or tantrum free moment.

So how well do you know your mother/wife? Share your ideas!

If you are a mother, please comment and share your idea of a perfect Mother’s Day!

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