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Who Died and Made You Jesus?

When we read that title we think of monarchy, so many people need to die in a royal family before one becomes king. 

This post could go one of two ways. The first is the obvious. That we are not Jesus and can not be judge or juror over others lives. We are mere dirt that has been formed together into beings given the choice to love and glorify God but choose sin instead. 

But what about the upsetting yet joyful truth. Someone did die, someone died for you. They died so you could live like Jesus, a clean slate. A life where sin is no longer a barrier between you and your incredibly loving father. 

So many parents make a decision to move to North America to give their children a better life. And with that the children take advantage of the opportunities given to them so their parents sacrifices are not in vain. 

There is a disagreement among Christians if you must live Godly to keep your salvation or if it is a gift that never goes away. But if someone made such a sacrifice as to give their life so you could live in such a way, would you really feel good choosing to live in sin anyways? 

Since Jesus did die, why would you not try to live as he did. 

Jesus died so you could live without a barrier of sin keeping you from a relationship with God. How can you not live like Jesus? 

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