This week at church, a friend of mine shared a personal poem he wrote when crying out to God in his personal time with God. I found it encouraging and thought it may inspire you as well! I hope you enjoy it!


by: Jordan Cook

Each step Was
back breaking.

My body is
Tired of aching

This way and that way
which way is right?
I choose both because I have a lack of sight

Guide me, guide me,
lord please Help me!
I’m in this luke warm bubble bath
And I’m drowning

This way of life is like getting stabbed with a knife.
Only way out is
The way
The truth
And The life

The serpent slithers his way climbing
Finds his way up LOOK!
Oh no he’s found me
Opened my weakness like the door to his new home.
Yet when he enters ,
he finds himself all alone.

The empty out weighs the fullness.
Ready to get spiritually fed,
get rid of the dullness.

His Blood sheds,
The Nails are deep,
hung on a piece of wood
for you and me.
Sharp thorn crown,
The king of kings
Died to set us free

The greatest love story that has ever been told. Let me explain and let it unfold.
Love is patient love is  kind
Some might even say that it’s blind
But this story that has been given
I Will forever make it mine.

Just a fictional fairy tale for some
But realistically speaking, not sneaking around the holy being because seeing is not believing. Believing is seeing.

So take a step forward in faith never looking back
For the enemy is always lurking and ready for attack

Who needs fake things, pretend kings, sin that always stings
Im sitting in this hole disappointed with myself. Never dealing with the pain just leave on the shelf

I’m sick of  talking about Great war movies. God is the general he’s given me my duties.
Put on the armour and start taking effect.
Truth is right in front you, pick it up and accept.

This day and age everyday is a battle. And to think it all happened with the bite of an apple. This is where choices began for you and me. We’re always searching for answers  when he is the key.

Bad decisions are easier than good
I’m tired of hearing myself say I

So I ask myself and everyone all around me
Are these words I’m speaking just something to be taken lightly
or will you  let them change you inside and out
Because his love is something you won’t be able to live without.

I know we’re all scared of trying something new
When you give him a chance he will not leave but live inside you
These chains of burdens wrap around and choke you
Rise up like Samson use the strength  to breakthrough.

This isn’t me begging you to change around your life. This is a call from God, we are the church known as his wife. I ain’t sayn that life will become perfect But if you take the time to inject what I am saying and reflect I think you might come to respect that my God is alive and real.

He isn’t some drug that will heal or deal with the pain for a short time.
His love is endless and should be the prime.  transformers we can change when we choose
Don’t just cover it up by drinking a lot of booze.

This is all I have to say,
Take it
Leave it
Remember it
That is up to you.
As for me, I am going to breakthrough!

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