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My Story of My Promise!

So the last post I made was back in March, only days after I had preached at my Church. I spoke on God’s promises and how we can have faith in his word when he gives us those promises. If you would like to hear the complete Sunday Message, feel free to listen here: https://secure.bigchurch.cc/multimedia/mp3s/2013-03-10-2013-03-10.mp3

You can also read the verse and see a short snippet of what I shared on my previous post on God’s Promises.

Matt & me

When I was preaching, many people did not know that I personally was standing on a promise of children. My husband and I have been trying for several years to try and conceive. I had MANY doctors appointments, ultrasounds, blood tests, you name it! And eventually I was diagnosed with something called Poly Cystic Ovaries, which meant my eggs did not mature to the point where I could conceive. No one ever said I would never have kids, I had amazing doctors that constantly encouraged me with may different avenues that we could go down in order to reverse this effect.

As you could imagine though, I was anxious to just be pregnant. And as I was waiting and believing for this promise that God had spoken, not just to me but others in prophetic words and visions as well, God began to encourage me once again. He gave me scripture verses to stand on, and put a message in my heart to share with my church’s congregation. My pastors asked me to share on a Sunday in March and as nervous as I was, I did!

I found out about 4 weeks later, that only a week after I preached the word God asked me to speak on, I conceived! Our first child is on the way and I’m so excited! I’m about 16 weeks pregnant now, and have heard our little one’s heart beat twice already. It is so exciting that I just had to share with you all how easy it can be to receive God’s personal promises if we just believe, stand in faith, stand upon his word, and stay obedient to the things he asks from us!

God Is So Good!

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