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Stepping into Dreams

This last week I believe God spoke clearly to me, that this year would be one of stepping into dreams. Over the past several years, God has dropped dreams into my heart, some of which include writing a book, preaching, organizing spiritual encounters, having children and many more. Most of these dreams I’ve been waiting for God to drop it into my lap, when the door opens, I’ll grab it by the horns. Although recently I feel God has been saying that he is waiting for me to take first steps. A dream & desire that has been on my heart recently is to build a photography business. I’ve already taken courses and have a decent level of knowledge, but now I have to step into it!

I’ve done a few private events, shadowed a wedding and done some personal work. I’m hoping that I can also use this blog to feature some of my work and encourage myself to step into more!

Keep an eye out for some photographs and please feel free to comment and let me know what you think. I’m hoping to take a personal approach on every session and event and love getting some feed back.

The following is a photo just taken at a friends bridal shower this past year.


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