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The Truth about the Easter Bunny!

Okay, so there is no real scandal that involves the Easter bunny, and I’m not going to tear apart children’s images of the Easter bunny, but I do think it is extremely important that we all recognize the true meaning of why we celebrate Easter. I personally do not do the bunny and candy thing. And my husband and I choose not to purchase any of the candy or chocolate that is related to the bunny celebrations. This is not because we think it is evil, but because it helps us to stay focused on the real reason for this great weekend! The world has secularized Easter to be a holiday that everyone celebrates when in realization, it is a Christian holiday that celebrates the reserection of Christ!

I’m hoping to share more at a later date but for now I really want to direct you to one of my favorite Bloggers as she has just posted a great post about Easter. Check Out Celebrating the Right thing on Easter.

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  • Jami

    So I’m reading through this going “Oh cool, I wrote on something similar yesterday!” haha. I’m glad you liked my post. I have been so busy lately that my blog hasn’t had a whole lot of substance. So I decided to do a few serious ones getting ready for Easter. Thanks for reading!! I feel like I don’t get nearly as many readers when I post about something more serious…so thank you for reading 🙂

    Praying that you and your hubby have a great Ressurrection Day and can focus on the Lord 🙂

  • Jami

    Oh 🙂 I just saw your comment! haha…I’m a little slow today!

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