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Faithful in the Famine

Today I was reading 1 Kings 17. I was drawn to this passage by listening to an offering message that spoke about the woman giving to the man of God and having her needs provided. But when I read it God spoke to a different area in my life.

When things get scary and look like they are not going to turn out good, what do we do? Well For me – I worry. Sometimes to the point I stress about it. I know that God provides my every need but I still feel the need to worry. I feel, if I don’t worry then God will forget how important it is that I eat that day etc. etc. etc.


Suddenly it hits me – I say I know that God wants to provide my every need… But do I know that HE WILL provide my every need. I worry because I still hold fear that he will let me down.

When I look at Elijah in this passage, it makes me want to be more like him. God told him to go to a Ravine and that the ravens would feed him. And he did! How many of us would go to a brook expecting to be fed by birds because a voice in our head or spirit told us it would happen? I would not be the first to jump on that bus. But someone Elijah stayed there until the whole brook had dried up.

Then he was told to go to a widow and stay with her and her family. How did he know they would accept him in? How did he know they would feed him? In fact when he found out they didn’t even have enough food to keep themselves going, he stepped out in faith and believed God would provide once more. I mean from a man who was fed by birds for who knows how long, I guess this is peanuts of faith. But it just blows me away the way he walked in such obedience and faith.

Elijah was so faithful to God and the calling on his life! My favorite part actually doesn’t come until Chapter 18 when Elijah calls God to come down and show himself real to the prophets and people of Baal. A lot of people read this forgetting that they are in the middle of a drought!

Elijah has jars upon jars of water poured onto this offering, and God sets it on fire. Our offering really does have to cost something. Water was so valuable at this time. What do I choose to hold onto and not be faithful with because I feel I need it in that time. A lot of the time it is comfort. I don’t want to leave my comfort zone so I choose not to step out in an area.

For those of you who don’t know this story, God provided every time! He provided water and food at the ravine, He provided food and oil for the widow and her family as well as Elijah, He provided healing and restoration, raising the widows son from the dead. And He even proved himself real by revealing himself to all of those people. God loves offerings that cost something.

What are you doing today that is costing you something?
I want to be like Elijah, Faithful in the Famine!

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