All things New!

New Years can sometimes be a tough time for me. Letting go of last years and heading into a new one. Praying that God will bring as good of a year as he has in the past. Realizing that memories, are really only that… memories. You know you are going into the next year with some new friends, holding onto others, but also leaving others in the past, with all the memories. Sometimes it can be hard.

And every year I feel that heaviness, will this next year be as good as the one’s in the past? And every year I realize that God really does do something new each year. I’m so blessed to have been able to meet new friends and grow in more relationships. I’m blessed to have been apart of God’s ministry in 2010 and been apart of so many memories.

Something I realized after listening to a Francis Chan sermon was this, “We pray that God will show up and he would show his glory, but really it is all his party, and we have been so blessed to be invited!” Everything I was able to be apart of and do this year was not of my own self, but it was God’s work. And Thank You God for letting me be apart of it.

And just like every other year, as this one comes to an end, I want to thank God for all he has done, the memories I do have, the friends I have been able to meet, the things I’ve been able to do, the blessings he has given me. And I know that just like last year, he is going to bring something new.

When God says,

“I am making everything new!”
– Revelation 21:5

He really means it. every year he is making us new, our friendships new, and every day we can thank God for every new thing he allows us to be apart of. I encourage you to take time tonight before you go out to enjoy ringing in the new year, enjoy it with God first. Ask him to show you all he has done in your life this year, and thank him for everything… and what he is bringing in the year to come.

All the Best in 2011!
Thank you God for my new Blog Ministry in 2011!

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  • Jami

    What a great post. It IS sad looking back on the past year seeing what we left behind but also WONDERFUL looking forward to the things in the future and growing in our walk with the Lord!
    You seem to have such a great focus for the 2011 year!

    • A Dab of Sab

      Thanks Jami!

      I am believing for great things in 2011. God is always good and I’m so excited for everything he is going to do. Thank God he let’s me be apart of his great plans! Excited to hear about your word of the year!

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